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Which adapter is the right one for me?

Before purchasing a travel adapter, you should first decide which devices you will be taking with you and where you want to use them.

  • Are these only 2-pole devices or are you going to take more powerful equipment on your journey? The MUV World Adapters are specifically designed for 2-pole devices, whereas all other adapters in the current SKROSS® range can be used with both 2- and 3-pole devices.
  • Will you always be travelling to the same area, or should the adapter cover as many different countries as possible? You can be flexible worldwide with all the adapters and chargers from the world series. Alternatively, our specific country travel adapters are designed for the appropriate destination location.
  • Do you exclusively/additionally want to charge your USB device at the mains plug? All of our World Adapters are also available with USB variations or can be extended. Our product portfolio also offers just USB chargers.

You can also use our search function to decide quickly and easily which is the ideal product for you.

Why do I need a travel adapter?

You will primarily need a travel adapter or travel plug when you travel to countries with a mains socket system that is different to your home country.

You can also use our World Adapters when, for example, you might buy a device at your holiday destination that uses a different mains plug system. If using our World Adapters, you will also be able to connect this device at home without any problem. In addition, it can also be used for any foreigners with different mains plug system devices who may visit you.

An extended use of your adapter is also provided by using USB variations made by SKROSS®. These can be used to connect your USB devices directly to the socket when you're both at home or on holiday.

Our Country Adapters are particularly useful if you are a regular traveller to the same destination, or if you have another home in a different mains plug system country. In this case, you can fit your sockets with Country Adapters and use all of the devices that you bring with you from your home country easily and safely.

My SKROSS® adapter isn't working any more - what can I do?

In the majority of cases, this is caused by a burnt-out fuse, which you can easily change yourself. However, should the fault not be the result of the fuse, please contact our customer service.

Despite all this, why doesn't my adapter fit?

The majority of our adapters offer you the facility for connecting your devices in over 150 countries worldwide without problems. However, there are some countries - such as India, Japan and Brazil - that do not have a country-wide socket standard. In these circumstances, you may still find mains sockets that are not compatible with modern adapters, especially in older buildings.

Replacement of the fuse

If, contrary to expectations, a device should fail to work, the most common cause is a burnt out fuse. If the problem should occur with a World Adapter or Country Adapter for Switzerland and the UK, it is simple to change the fuse, and spare fuses are available at electronics retailers and online.

To replace the fuse, take a screwdriver or a coin, place it in the slot found on the bottom of the device and lightly turn it anti-clockwise. Remove the old fuse and place a fuse of the same size into the holder, then fix it back into the device. (Please note: UK features a flip closure that is simple to open with a screwdriver.)

Required fuses:

  • World Adapters of the series EVO, MUV, Classic: Slow Blow Microfuse T 2.5 A - 250V AC
  • World Adapters of the series PRO: Slow Blow Microfuse T 6.3 A - 250 V AC
  • Country Adapters Switzerland: Slow Blow Microfuse T 10 A - 250 V AC
  • Country Adapters UK: Slow Blow Microfuse T 7 A - 250 V AC

If your adapter should have any other malfunctions, please contact our customer service. You can find the warranty conditions and the damage report here.