Replacement of the fuse
If, contrary to the expectations, the device should not work properly, the most common cause is a burnt-out fuse.
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In the case of the World Adapters and as well the Country Adapters for Switzerland and the UK you have the possibility to simply change the fuse yourself.

Spare fuses are available at electronics retailers and many online stores. To do this, simply take a screwdriver, a coin or something similar, place it in the slot on the bottom of the device and turn it lightly anticlockwise. Now place a fuse of the appropriate size in the holder and fix it into the adapter again. (United Kingdom: flip closure, simple to open with a screwdriver).

  • World Adapters of the series EVO, MUV: Slow Blow Microfuse T 2.5 A - 250 V AC, 5 x 20 mm
  • World Adapters of the series PRO: Slow Blow Microfuse T 6.3 A - 250 V AC, 5 x 20 mm
  • Country Adapters Switzerland: Slow Blow Microfuse T 10 A - 250 V AC, 5 x 20 mm
  • Country Adapters UK: Slow Blow Microfuse T 13 A - 250 V AC, 6.4 x 25.4 mm
How to change the fuse

PRO Series, MUV Series, UK and Switzerland country adapters

Step 1

Turn the adapter around, place a coin in the slot of the fuse cover on the bottom of the device and turn it anticlockwise with gentle pressure (approx. 45°) until it becomes loose.

Step 2

In order to remove the fuse cover in Country Travel Adapters for UK socket standards, please use a screwdriver instead of a coin to open the flip closure.

Step 3

Remove the fuse cover, including the fuse, from the adapter.

Step 4

Remove the blown fuse from the holder and replace it with a new one. More information on the appropriate fuse types can be found above.

Step 5

Now put the new fuse in the holder back into the adapter. Close it again with the coin by turning it clockwise (approx. 45°). For UK Country Travel Adapters, simply snap the fuse cover back into place. Now the adapter is ready-to-use again!

How to change the fuse
EVO series contains 2 spare fuses

Unlike the other adapters, our models from the EVO series contain 2 spare fuses:

Step 1

The World Travel Adapter EVO already comes with two spare fuses, which can be used in case of a blown fuse. To replace it, please turn the adapter and loosen the front part with the help of your thumb.

Step 2

Take out the cover in order to access the spare fuses. To close the cover again, simply slide it back until it clicks into place. The process of changing the fuse is the same as for the other adapters, for this please refer to the instruction above.

EVO Series: spare fuses