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Global travel retail agreement with WHSmith
WorldConnect AG and WHSmith have signed a multi-year preferred listing agreement
WHSmith store

May, 2017 - WorldConnect AG, brand owner of SKROSS®, and WHSmith, a leading retailer in convenience, books and news for the world’s travelling customer, have signed a multi-year preferred listing agreement. This signals the strength of the mutual cooperation between WHSmith and SKROSS®, with the ultimate aim of enhancing and extending the reach of the SKROSS® brand through WHSmith’s global travel retail business.

Following a year of successful collaboration, both companies have committed to developing an even closer partnership with this agreement, which provides the worldwide direct distribution of SKROSS® products through WHSmith. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties: SKROSS® – an established global brand in travel retail – is given the opportunity to further increase its brand visibility and reach, whilst WHSmith is provided with a new, highly relevant and targeted product range for travelers to enhance its current product offer.

As part of the agreement, WHSmith will retail the full range of SKROSS® products consisting of their world famous travel adapters, a wide selection of USB chargers and power banks, as well as charge and sync cables. All of these products are ideally suited to complement the travel business portfolio of WHSmith and create an added value for their main customers - the modern traveller. In addition, SKROSS® premium products are globally renowned as safe, simple and Swiss: The safest on the market due to compliance with the latest international requirements; simple to handle with their patented slider system; and always meeting the highest of Swiss quality standards.

Sam Gerber, Managing Partner and Head of Sales & Marketing at SKROSS® explains that, “This agreement with WHSmith aligns our interest in building our brand, in fueling international growth and in expanding our products with a fast growing and high potential retailer in the travel retail business. We bring to this working partnership a truly worldwide product solution for a globally powerful retailer – one that we believe also really understands and aligns with the values of the SKROSS® brand – and we look forward to working with WHSmith in this collaborative way.”

Peter Newbould, International Trading Director, WHSmith added: “WHSmith are pleased to be working with SKROSS® as a key partner in our travel accessories assortment. SKROSS® provides a high quality brand that complements our premium ranges across our News, Books and Convenience stores. We look forward to working with SKROSS® as we grow our store base in airports across the world.”