The best travel adapter we have ever made
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Alpha by SKROSS®
€ 89.99
Alpha by SKROSS® – Design by Jacob Jensen

Our first Design Travel Adapter combines a contemporary, elegant design with state-of-the-art components. Where Swiss Engineering meets Danish Design!

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Scandinavian Design

With its pure, elegant design, Alpha by SKROSS® is a must-have for today’s stylish traveller. Designed by the Danish design agency, Jacob Jensen Design, the adapter is characterised by stylish minimalism using the clean design language that the Scandinavian designer is known and recognised for.

Infinite Possibilities

The adapter can be used even with powerful devices such as laptops and hairdryers. It is also compatible with 7 international socket standards (Europe, Australia / China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil) and can be used by international travellers in more than 205 destinations worldwide.

Highest Quality & Safety

As the most powerful world travel adapter in the current SKROSS® range, this adapter truly lives up to its name. It has gone through rigorous testing and certifications to ensure that it meets the very highest quality standards. Ground-breaking technologies and exclusively designed and patented safety features, including a triple safety mechanism, give full peace of mind when travelling the world. 

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It combines Swiss precision and innovation with the aesthetic efficiency and forward thinking of Scandinavian design tradition.
The Story Behind

The affiliation with Jacob Jensen Design has taken SKROSS® and its most famous category of world travel adapters to the next level. The Alpha by SKROSS® reflects the values that both premium brands stand for: Swiss precision and highest quality standards combined with the aesthetic efficiency and forward thinking of Scandinavian design tradition. 

Jacob Jensen († 2015) was among the last great Danish designers belonging to the Danish golden era of the 1950s. As the founder of the Jacob Jensen Design agency, he is particularly well known for the ground-breaking design language that he developed for Bang & Olufsen, where the new design transformed the company from a Danish quality brand to an international icon. Both Jacob, and later his son Timothy Jacob Jensen, also designed products for a wide range of other clients, all characterised by stylish minimalism and the same pure + perfect + enduring design language. 

The logo for the Alpha by SKROSS® reflects an alpha sign incorporated into an open infinity symbol, taking inspiration from the adapter's unlimited possibilities and durability.

Technical Specifications
  • Suitable for equipment with unearthed and earthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Input plugs: Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China, UK, USA/Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Output plugs: Europe (Schuko), Australia/China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
  • Max. load: 10 A
  • Integrated fuse
  • Does not convert voltage
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With its many advantages and exclusive packaging, Alpha by SKROSS® also makes the perfect gift for all those who love to travel in style.