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SKROSS® wins patent case against Dongguan Best Travel Co., Ltd. in China
WorldConnect AG continues to fight back successfully against companies who infringe on their patent rights.

SKROSS® has won yet another patent case in China against the company Dongguan Best Travel Co., Ltd.

The case was first heard by the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s court which has judged in May 2020 that Dongguan Best Travel has indeed infringed the patent rights of WorldConnect. 

While Dongguan Best Travel has appealed to this court decision, the Supreme People’s court in Beijing confirmed in March 2021 in a second and final instance the patent infringement of Dongguan Best Travel and decided the following: 

The adapter sold by Best Travel falls in the protection scope of the CN patent ZL 200980132171.7. Best Travel shall cease manufacturing, offering to sell and selling the adapters immediately and shall destroy all adapter inventory in the warehouse. 

Additionally, defendant Dongguan Best Travel Co., Ltd. shall pay the plaintiff Worldconnect AG a significant amount to compensate the economic losses suffered. 

Currently, SKROSS® is also suing several other companies in China for potential patent infringement and the next court judgements are expected to arrive within the next months. Also outside of China and since its last announcement on IP rights in 2018, SKROSS® has settled in the meantime several cases with potential infringers in Europe by agreeing on damage payments from them without having to go to the local courts. As in the past, SKROSS® will continue to periodically update their website with new cases to show the entire market that they are taking and defending their IP rights very seriously.