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World USB Charger World USB Charger
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€ 29.90

World USB Charger

No matter if smartphone, tablet, camera, e-reader or power bank: the list of USB devices we take on vacation seems endless. This allrounder can be a real lifesaver since it is applicable in more than 220 countries!
  • Can charge 2 USB devices simultaneously 
  • Ideal for charging all your USB devices worldwide
€ 29.90
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Country Check

Make sure that this USB charger works in the country you want to travel to.

This USB charger is suitable for the following socket types
Steckdosen_Steckdose USA-Japan_Typ A
Type A
Steckdosen_Steckdose USA_Typ B
Type B
Steckdosen_Steckdose Euro_Typ C
Type C
Steckdosen_Steckdose Franzoesischer Schuko_Typ E
Type E
Steckdosen_Steckdose Schuko_Typ F
Type F
Steckdosen_Steckdose UK_Typ G
Type G
Steckdosen_Steckdose Australien_Typ I
Type I
Steckdosen_Steckdose Schweiz_Typ J
Type J
Steckdosen_Steckdose Italien_Typ L
Type L
Steckdosen_Steckdose Brasilien_Typ N
Type N
Steckdosen_Steckdose Indien_Typ D
Type D
Steckdosen_Steckdose Israel_Typ H
Type H
Steckdosen_Steckdose Daenemark_Typ K
Type K
Technical Specifications
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Get connected in over 220 countries worldwide
  • Innovative design
  • Input: 100 V – 250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • 2 x Type-A USB Output: 5.0 V DC / Max. 2.4 A (shared)
    Average active efficiency: 81.5 %
    Efficiency at low load (10 %): 77.6 %
    No-load power consumption: 0.04 W
  • Protection class II
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