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New owner structure at WorldConnect AG
Starting June 20th 2016, WorldConnect AG is acting under new ownership.
christian ernst & sam gerber; worldconnect

WorldConnect AG, established in 2002, is the market leader for premium travel adapters and known for many years in providing innovative power solutions for travellers under the brand SKROSS®.

Starting June 20th 2016, WorldConnect AG is acting under new ownership.

Noventa Group AG, based in Diepoldsau, Switzerland, that has owned a minority share since 2009, now owns a majority stake in WorldConnect. Sam Gerber, co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing held an equitable interest in the company since the beginning and will continue to do so in the future. Christian Ernst, who joined WorldConnect AG in 2011 as the CEO, holds a participation as well since June 2016.

This new owner structure with high involvement of the Management clearly aims at a sustainable development of WorldConnect AG.

It demonstrates that the company not only features concise strategies in regards of corporate, production, products and markets but also a firm interest in a healthy long-term business development.

WorldConnect is convinced that the new ownership structure will also help to intensify our already great relations with our clients and to further expand our market presence in the future.

Photo: Sam Gerber (Managing Partner and Head of Sales & Marketing WorldConnect AG), Christian Ernst (Managing Partner and CEO WorldConnect AG)