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Dual USB Car Charger

You are often on the road and dependent on full batteries all day long? This Car Charger is made for all kind of USB devices.
  • Perfect for commuters and travellers to let them charge their smartphone, tablet and other USB devices on the go
  • Can charge up to two USB devices simultaneously, therefore guarantees full batteries for both, driver and co-driver
  • Can be used not only in cars, but also in trucks, boats, motorbikes and camper vans
  • Easy charging at the cigarette lighter
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Technical Specifications
  • Dual USB charger for car, camper, truck and boat
  • Easy charging at the cigarette lighter
  • Input: 10 – 24 V DC
  • Output voltage: 5 V DC
  • Output current: max. 3.4 A
  • Output 1: 1 A
  • Output 2: 2.4 A