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SKROSS® wins patent case against Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. in China
WorldConnect AG continues to fight back successfully against companies who infringe on their patent rights.

SKROSS® has achieved another important milestone in defending its intellectual property rights in China by winning a patent case against Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. 

The case was treated by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court which has judged in April 2022 that Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. has indeed infringed the patent rights of WorldConnect AG. 

As Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. has not appealed to this court decision, the verdict comes into effect immediately with the following key elements: 

The adapter sold by Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. falls in the protection scope of the CN patent ZL 200980132171.7. Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. shall cease manufacturing, offering to sell and selling the adapters from the effective date of the verdict (April 2nd, 2022). 

Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. shall pay the plaintiff Worldconnect AG a significant amount to compensate the economic losses suffered. 

Meinrad Berchtel, Head of Product Management and Christian Ernst, Managing Partner at SKROSS®, who interacted with the local lawyers of SKROSS® (Beijing D&H law firm), comment the verdict as follows: 

“We have been able to prove that our legal efforts in China are successful over more than a decade. Thanks to a solid legal setup and strong patents, we have been able to defend our IP’s in numerous cases. The most actual verdict against Travel Blue (Shanghai) Ltd. is the latest one in a series of many. We are extremely motivated to increase our efforts against patent infringers even more in the future”. 

SKROSS® is taking the defense of its IP rights very seriously. On, there will be regular updates of patent case verdicts.