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SKROSS® Joins the Cellularline Group
WorldConnect AG joins the Italian Cellularline Group, the European leader in smartphone accessories.
Cellularline & SKROSS

From left to right: Marco Cagnetta (Co-CEO - Cellularline), Christian Ernst (Co-CEO - WorldConnect AG), Sam Gerber (Co-CEO - WorldConnect AG), Christian Aleotti (Co-CEO - Cellularline), Stefano Cerrato (CFO - Cellularline)

As of July 2020, WorldConnect AG joins the Italian Cellularline Group, the European leader in the smartphone accessories business. This strategic partnership leverages synergies for both companies with the aim to strengthen their international presence in multiple channels, particularly in Travel Retail.

WorldConnect AG, established in 2002, is the market leader for premium travel adapters and known for providing innovative power solutions under the Swiss brands SKROSS® and Q2Power. Cellularline Group, Italian and European leader in the smartphone accessories market, is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA), comprises a broad brand and product portfolio and is at the technological forefront of the multimedia device accessories industry.

The strategic alliance allows WorldConnect AG to further expand internationally, especially in the segment of consumer electronics and power accessories. On the other hand, Cellularline will benefit from WorldConnect’s worldwide presence and experience in the travel retail industry. Both companies are looking forward to using synergies in R&D, supply chain, marketing and distribution. The acquisition of the majority of the shares of WorldConnect AG by the Cellularline Group confirms both management’s objectives of ensuring further growth in channels, geographical areas and product ranges.

Christian Aleotti and Marco Cagnetta, Co-CEOs of Cellularline, comment: “The acquisition also allows us to integrate and expand our offerings with Swiss quality products. Although COVID-19 penalized 2020, we believe that long-term macroeconomic dynamics will continue down the current path and support growth of the Travel Retail market in the long run.”

The previous majority shareholder, Noventa Group AG - that also manufactures the unique SKROSS® adapters - will remain the SKROSS® adapter manufacturer and thus ensure the continuity of knowledge and supply of the SKROSS high-quality products.

Christian Ernst and Sam Gerber, Co-CEOs of WorldConnect AG will maintain their roles and comment: “SKROSS, as a brand, with its unique and patented products, has a very successful position with major travel retail operators worldwide. Joining forces with Cellularline offers perfect synergies in both accessing new channels and substantially broadening the product offering for both companies. We are extremely excited to team up with a company and its management with whom we share so much in terms of vision and passion.”