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Release of BUZZ cables
We proudly present the first alarm cable with charge and sync functionality
BUZZ - Alarm Cable Lightning Connector

Diepoldsau, January 1, 2016. WorldConnect AG, brand owner of SKROSS® , announces the market introduction of the worldwide unique BUZZ USB cables. The first alarm cable with charge and sync functionality ensures USB devices will always have the required connection to stay fully functional.

Designed to address the growing problem of USB chargers being left behind – leaving tech-dependent consumers and professionals without the power they need to keep moving at the speed of life – this globally unique and patented product delivers an effortless solution for less than the cost of a replacement charger.

The SKROSS® BUZZ cable “leashes” your device to its power source, issuing an audible alert when you unplug your device. This alarm reminds the consumer to pack their power accessories when they are on the go. Or – if power is needed in public places like airports – the user will be alerted if someone tries to disconnect the device! Compatible with any USB to Micro USB or Apple Lightning device, it safeguards anyone’s ability to stay connected, accessible and focused. A musthave for modern travelers!

“People panic when they realize they left their charger behind,” says inventor Brian Tedesco. “Why? Because electronic devices play a critical role in modern efficiency. Without a way to recharge them, we are stuck!”

“Forgotten chargers are a true handicap in the mobile, electronic world we live in. People on the move don't have time to track down a new way to power up,” says SKROSS® Head of Sales Sam Gerber. “We simply can’t afford to walk away from the one essential tool that keeps us connected to the world at large.”

With BUZZ, which is supposed to become one of the flagship products, and further innovative products to come, SKROSS® aims to redefine the cable market significantly.

BUZZ and the entire SKROSS® product family are available in the SKROSS® online shop, at selected retail stores as well as in airline and duty-free shops across the globe.