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Great Presence for SKROSS® at New Istanbul Airport
The Swiss brand SKROSS® has massively expanded its place in Turkish travel retail with displays showcasing a complete range of its product portfolio across 6 stores throughout the new airport in Istanbul, which went fully operational just recently.
SKROSS at New Istanbul Airport

SKROSS® - the market leader of premium travel adapters and mobile charging solutions for today’s sophisticated global traveler - is delighted with its widespread presence at Istanbul’s new hub airport between Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Through Turkish travel retail operator D&R, which opened a total of 10 outlets, SKROSS® is now showcased with branded and eye-catching displays in two dedicated electronics stores as well as four other multi-category stores.

Sam Gerber, Managing Partner at SKROSS® comments: “With the opening of the new airport in Istanbul, SKROSS® has seen an impressive expansion of its presence in this important hub. Our partner, D&R, has been able to secure a total of 10 stores, 6 of which display the SKROSS® full assortment, including our latest products in the category of chargers, cables and batteries.”

With an initial capacity to serve 90 million people, set to increase to 200 million once all phases are completed, Istanbul Airport aims to become the biggest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. Being present in various locations throughout the airport helps SKROSS® to significantly increase its brand awareness among travellers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.