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Change to FSC Packaging
SKROSS® is changing all the travel adapter packagings to FSC certified packaging.
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SKROSS® has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at environmental stewardship. Notably, we are pleased to announce a significant step forward in this regard: the transition of our adapter packaging to FSC certified carton. While the implementation has commenced and is slated for completion within the coming month, it is important to note that this transition will be ongoing.

In making this change, we have decided not to display the FSC logo on our packaging. This decision was made to avoid extensive alterations to our print templates, which would run counter to the ecological objectives we are striving to achieve.

The certified suppliers can be found in this data base:
The numbers of our suppliers are: 
- C161666
- C014119
- C013190
- C198773

The manuals, that are included in the packaging will be changed to PEFC material: PEFC_CH11/0831.00

For our master cartons, inlays and partitions, recycled material is already used. Therefore no FSC certification is needed.