USB C - Universal, Fast and Powerful
Everybody is talking about USB C. On this page, you can find the most important information on this new USB type and its advantages at a glance.
What is USB C?

It is both, a charging and a data transfer port. The USB C can be found in a large variety of devices such as phones, tablets, digital cameras and even laptops. Hence, USB C is about to become the new USB standard (step by step) replacing the previous USB types as the universal port for electronic devices. The USB C technology (also called USB Type-C) gets supported by the world's most recognized manufacturers within the consumer electronics industry.

The Advantages at a glance
  • Fast & Powerful – The new USB technology allows substantial faster charge speed and greater compatibility across various devices. It can provide up to 100 watts, enough to power a laptop. USB C also supports Power Delivery technology when combined with a compatible device and wall charger. Many devices are now compatible with PD charging function (smartphones, tablet, computers) to boost your charge and power the most power-hungry devices.
  • One port for all – The USB C can be used to power devices, to transfer data (sync), to transmit video and digital audio data, like if all the ports of your old computer would merge (HDMI, Audio jack, USB A…).
  • User-friendly – Plug it either way! USB C is reversible and therefore there is no need for you to turn the connector around a minimum of three times looking for the correct side to go up or down.
  • Universal – USB C is not only used across various devices, but also across various manufacturers: from Android to Apple (iPad Pro). This development really changes the game compared to previous USB standards.
  • Future-oriented – thanks to its universal design, there will be no longer the need for a new cable and a new charger for every new device we get. Like this, electronic waste will reduce drastically.
  • Travel light – in future, when on the go or while travelling, you can carry less electronic accessories since most of your devices will not need separate chargers or cables anymore.
Good to know – More info about PD

USB C also supports Power Delivery technology. This open standard for fast charging is equivalent to Quick Charge 3.0 (Qualcomm) and charges compatible devices in a minimum of time. From our products, both new RELOADs feature the Power Delivery Function – with more products to come and to complement the SKROSS Power Portfolio.