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Combo World to USA

You plan a city trip to New York or Vancouver, want to explore the famous US national parks or the Niagara Falls? Furthermore, you often travel to Europe? Then this country adapter will be your perfect choice!
  • Suitable even for powerful devices such as laptops and travel hairdryers
  • Applicable in many countries: USA, Canada, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and in most European countries. For details, please check out our country list
  • The top can be used separately in most European countries
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Country Check

Use this check list to ensure this adapter works for your devices and the country you are travelling to.
This adapter is suitable for all devices with the following plug types:
Stecker_Stecker USA_Japan_Typ A
Typ A
Stecker_Stecker USA_Typ B
Typ B
Stecker_Stecker Euro_Typ C
Typ C
Stecker_Stecker Franzoesischer Schuko_Typ E
Typ E
Stecker_Stecker Schuko_Typ F
Typ F
Stecker_Stecker UK_Typ G
Typ G
Stecker_Stecker Australien_Typ I
Typ I
Stecker_Stecker Schweiz_Typ J
Typ J
Stecker_Stecker Italien_Typ L
Typ L
Stecker_Stecker Brasilien_Typ N
Typ N
This adapter is compatible with the following socket types:
Steckdosen_Steckdose USA_Typ B
Typ B
Steckdosen_Steckdose Franzoesischer Schuko_Typ E
Typ E
Steckdosen_Steckdose Schuko_Typ F
Typ F
Not suitable for 2-pole (unearthed) sockets
You can use this adapter in the following countries:
Technical Specifications
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2- & 3-pole)
  • Input plugs: Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, UK, USA/Japan, Europe (Schuko & 2-pole Euro), Australia/China
  • Output plugs: USA, Europe (Schuko)
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 250 V
  • Max. load: 15 A
  • Power rating: e.g. 100 V – 1500 W / 250 V – 3750 W
  • Does not convert voltage
How does the country adapter Combo World to USA work?