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What is USB?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an interface which has been developed for simple connection of mouse devices, keyboards, joysticks and printers with the computer. Most of these devices do not require an external power supply, because the USB port supplies up to 500mA and 5V per connection.

You can use a USB cable to connect things like your smartphone, your navigation device, your iPad or your iPod with the computer to update them, but also to recharge them. If you use the USB versions of the travel adapters or the USB chargers from SKROSS, you can also charge your USB device very simply at any mains socket.

Which devices can I charge at the cigarette lighter?

All devices of up to a maximum of 12V can be charged at the cigarette lighter socket in your car (a 16V connection is fitted to HGVs and most motorhomes). In the case of some devices such as portable navigation devices, a suitable connection has already been included in delivery. But with the products of the Midget series from SKROSS you also can easily charge all your further USB-capable devices in the car.

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