PRO Light USB Series

The most compact and powerful world travel adapter with integrated, dual USB charger for travellers from all over the world - choose your version!

The unique, compact 3-pole adapter can be used on all continents to connect tablets, shavers and laptops.

Additionally, you can top up the battery on both your smartphone and your tablet at the same time.

This is made possible by a dual USB charger, which has been directly integrated into a SKROSS® 3-pole travel adapter for the first time. Therefore, the connection side of the adapter is left free during the charging process and can be used without restriction. The USB ports provide sufficient energy to charge two USB devices simultaneously, even if another device is connected via the adapter at the same time.




A stressful situation: you’re waiting to receive an important call or you’re stuck in traffic and your smartphone’s battery is dead. The fear of not being contactable at all times even has a name: nomophobia. 
Chatting, listing to music, e-mailing, navigating and, of course, making phone calls – our smartphone is our constant companion, and the battery can sometimes need an energy boost while you are out and about.
The batteries come pre-charged and can be used immediately.

BUZZ - Alarm Cable

SKROSS charge & sync alarm cable with theft protection and reminder function - worldwide exclusivity!

Never again you will realise only at home, that you again have forgotten your cable and charger at the hotel socket.
Never again you will keep an eye on your smartphone nervously, when you have to charge it in public areas.
You will love your SKROSS® BUZZ cable. It charges and synchronises smartphone and tablet reliably, no matter if iOS or Android. Additionally it alarms you with a signal tone as soon as the USB device will be disconnected from the cable. Hence your device is theft-protected and as well you will not leave it behind wherever you have used it.

Available in 3 versions: 2in1 Micro USB & Lightning Connector, Micro USB, Lightning Connector. All SKROSS® Lightning cables are Apple certified.