TFWA Cannes 2015


Every year in October Cannes is the place to be for the global duty free industry. Since years we wanted to be there with our own booth – and finally in 2015 waiting list was confirmed and we became an exhibitor this year! Read the interview in the TR Business Magazine.

What are you selling?
In 2002 Skross invented and patented the fi rst all-in-one world adapter with country slider system which promptly became a worldwide bestseller. Today our key products are still world travel adapters, supplemented by USB chargers, batteries and ‘charge & sync’ cables. 

Why exhibit?
TFWA World Exhibition is a very important fair. Until now we were on the waiting list for Cannes and are very happy to fi nally get a booth. Thanks to our enlarged product portfolio and specific retail solutions we grew our business substantially in ground DF&TR. But there is still potential and Cannes is really a great place to do that. 

What is your USP?
We are, globally, the most renowned travel adapter brand for guaranteed safety and norms compliance. Additionally we also manufacture for other brands which are active in this sector.

Do you have an existing presence in DF&TR? 
We’ve had activities in DF&TR through business partners such as Scorpio, TRI, Capi, CTI etc but we realised that it is also important to be in direct touch and share experiences from other markets, channels and countries.

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