TFWA Singapore 2015


Diepoldsau, April 2015: It’s pure stress: You are expecting an important call or are stuck in a traffic jam and your smartphone’s battery is completely drained. You can’t be reached. This fear has a name – it is called Nomophobia – “no mobile phone phobia”. With the latest SKROSS products, the rechargeable batteries ”RELOAD 5“ and “RELOAD 12“, situations like these are a thing of the past.

The rechargeable batteriesRELOAD 5“ and „RELOAD 12“ mirror SKROSS’s consistent pursuit to offer mobile users state-of-the-art gadgets. Their ultra-flat design is a perfect fit for any side pocket, briefcase or backpack. Another practical feature is the fact that the little bundles of energy are delivered preloaded and include the genuine SKROSS Charge n’Sync Micro USB Cable.  

SKROSS will present its RELOADS for the first time at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in May 2015 in Singapore. Besides these latest additions to its comprehensive product range, SKROSS will also share its brand new packaging concepts with Asian market participants. Mrs. Sandra Akkaoui, SKROSS Sales Manager, Global Duty Free, explains: “Our new packaging concepts contain different types of solutions and complete sets that cater for all the needs travelers may have. We have developed these options in close collaboration with our customers; their feedback as well as market desires were decisive factors for the new packaging concepts. Naturally, our strong customer focus is something that we are particularly proud of.”  

SKROSS premium brand products are synonymous with “Safety and Swiss quality”. They comply with all the relevant international safety regulations. WorldConnect AG is the only manufacturer who guarantees absolute product safety and a hassle-free distribution. Today, SKROSS adapters and chargers are the key accessories for travellers from all over the world and an essential part of the product mix in Duty Free Shops.  

Building on the success achieved in Europe and the Middle East, SKROSS products have experienced strong growth in the American Duty Free markets over the past two years. The company has already set foot in Singapore, in Malaysia as well as in India and Brunei, and in selected stores in China. “Expanding our market presence in Asia is a top priority. Duty Free Shop operators and airlines in Asia will benefit from our well-established international distribution network and a high level of consumer confidence,” Sandra Akkaoui concludes.

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