World Adapter EVO USB

Permanent readiness for action!

2in1 solution: Adapter & USB charger
The World Adapter Evo in combination with the dual USB charger ensures usage worldwide!

Limitless power from and to 150 countries worldwide
The World Adapter Evo USB from SKROSS uses its patented all-in-one country slider system for the connection of all 2-pole devices such as the charger for your digicam or the netbook to the local mains sockets in more than 150 countries. It does, of course, also use the cleverly-devised mains socket solution developed by SKROSS on its top so that devices from the whole world over can be used. No matter if you come from Washington, London or Singapore, no matter if you travel to France, Kenya or Australia, with the World Adapter Evo USB you always have the right connection.

Always full of energy
The practical Swiss travel adapter stands out both due to conformance with all the relevant international safety standards and due to its compact, trendy outfit. The directly inside the adapter stored spare fuses ensure permanent readiness for action.

Dual charger
The World Adapter Evo USB is fitted with a powerful dual USB top, which transforms your adapter into a USB charger in an instant. This offers you the practical facility of easily charging your USB devices in any local mains socket - you can even charge two devices at once thanks to the high performance with 2100mA and the dual USB connection.

You are travelling also with 3-pole devices, like laptop or hairdryer? Inform yourself about our PRO-series.

World Adapter EVO USB

Swiss quality
"Designed in Switzerland" gets to the heart of the elegant, lightweight device's character: absolutely safe, always reliable and the highest possible quality - if you take this Swiss gadget on tour you will never have any connection problems again.

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For travellers FROM - TO

INPUT Suitable for the following standard connectors

Euro 2-pole
UK 2-pole
USA / Japan 2-pole
Australia / China 2-pole

OUTPUT Suitable for the following standard sockets

Australia / China

Use your devices in any of the following countries

Device suitability

This adapter is suitable for all unearthed 2-pole and all USB devices. Amongst others for the following:

Skross DeviceCameraGPSShaverMp3SmartphoneTabletGame ConsoleCamcorder


  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs
  • Receptacles for: Australia/China, Euro, UK (UK not in the Swiss version), USA/Japan
  • USB top for charging USB-devices
  • Retractable plugs: Australia/China, Euro, UK, USA/Japan
  • Input voltage: 100V – 250V
  • Max. load: 2.5A
  • Power rating: e.g. at 100V – 210W / 250V – 252W
  • Integrated fuse T2.5A
  • 2 spare fuses included
  • USB output 5V / 2100mA
  • Adapter does not convert voltage
  • Colour: white 
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The SKROSS family is growing

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