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Safety notice / Informations de Sécurité / Informazioni di Sicurezza

WorldConnect AG has recently detected a quality issue on the single country adapters "SKROSS® Europe to UK“ and „SKROSS® Combo World to UK". We have found that in ... read more
WorldConnect AG a récemment détecté un problème de qualité sur les adaptateurs pays (single adapters) "SKROSS ® Europe to UK» et «SKROSS ® Combo World to UK"... read more
WorldConnect AG ha constatato che in rarissimi casi (abbiamo ricevuto reclami solamente per lo 0,002% di tutti gli adattatori «Europe to UK» venduti) all’interno di certe serie di... read more

Difference between 2-pole & 3-pole

2-pole means that the device plug is not earthed and that it normally has two pins which transmit electricity. Originally, all electrical devices were fitted with 2-pole plugs, which mean that ... read more
3-pole means that the device plug is earthed and that it normally has three pins, of which two are used to transfer the current and one is used as personal protection. Due to the predominance o... read more
Since the boundary between 2- and 3-pole devices is relatively blurred, it is not really possible to make a 100% division between devices. Normally, however, devices which do not use much power... read more
In order to decide which adapter you need, you have to know whether your device has a 2- or 3-pole plug. Apart from a few exceptions, you can see the difference quite easily by looking at the plu... read more

My travel adapter

Before purchasing a travel adapter, you should first decide which devices you will be taking with you and where you want to use them. Are these only 2-pole devices or are you going to take ... read more
You will primarily need a travel adapter or travel plug when you travel to countries with a mains socket system which is different to your home country. You can also use our World Adapter if, for... read more
In most of the cases its just a burnt-out fuse, which you can easily change yourself. If the fault has not been caused by the fuse, please contact our customer service. ... read more
The majority of our adapters offer you the facility for connecting your devices in over 150 countries worldwide without problems. However, some countries (like India, Japan or Brazil) do not have a... read more
If, contrary to the expectations, the device should not work properly, the most common cause is a burnt-out fuse. In the case of the World Adapters Evo/Evo USB and Classic/Classic USB, and as well&... read more

Safety regarding travel adapters

For all SKROSS products, the observance of international relevant safety standards is at the foreground during the entire development and production process. This is what makes the significant diff... read more
If your device or a cable in the device is defect, it is possible that sparking will occur under some circumstances. In the case of 3-pole devices, the earth connection ensures that the current is ... read more
In the case of cheaply-made adapters, it is possible that sparking will occur in the inside of the product under some circumstances if, for example, the minimum distance between the individual curr... read more
The International Electrotechnical Commission is one of the three sister organisations (in addition to the ISO and ITU) which develop the international electrotechnical standards for the whole worl... read more


USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an interface which has been developed for simple connection of mouse devices, keyboards, joysticks and printers with the computer. Most of these devices do not require... read more
All devices of up to a maximum of 12V can be charged at the cigarette lighter socket in your car (a 16V connection is fitted to HGVs and most motorhomes). In the case of some devices such as p... read more

Knowledge about electricity

To put it extremely simple, you can say that electric devices use mains power effectively unchanged, just as it comes out of the socket. Electronic devices, on the other hand, change the curren... read more
Please note that our travel adaptors are not voltage converters. However, voltage converters are not usually required for items such as laptops, electric toothbrushes or smartphones, which are freq... read more

Nordic Manuals

Below you can download the manuals in the nordic languages. Download dansk manual / Download svensk manual / Download norsk manual / Hae suomenkielinen käyttöohje osoitteest... read more
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The SKROSS family is growing

The SKROSS family is growing

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